The 21st Time I Said Goodbye

Sweet fragrance of love
Never bridged into my nostrils since you left.
It peels me open and it keeps me in pain
Realizing that you would never come back.
Slumber and stagnant feeling of being alone,
Slowly crushes the essence of living
And still aggravates the feeling of wanting you back.
Absolute love like there was no tomorrow,
Lingering affection until the day ends,
Now was all in silence, now was all inside the bin.
Your voice still remains in my ear,
Those words that you usually say.
Those three simple words;
Those three words that complete me,
Now was all in the movies, never in reality.
I wish I could still whisper into your ear
How much I love you, and how much I still.
I wish I could still hold your hand
And observe how perfect it fits mine.
You said goodbye without any notice
And it left me useless, futile.
I could still remember that day,
That day when all of our vows shattered.
Wishing that day was not part of history.
Saying Goodbye was not part of our plan,
But you did.
I am now holding your letters for me.
Your letters of love.
Your letters of love that you once wrote.
Never wanted to let go,
But the need still leaves me no choice.
These letters of love slowly slipped from my hands,
And it just breaks my heart to put those into flame.
I watched them as they slowly turn into ashes.
I thought this could ease the pain
And expunge all the memories we’ve created.
But I was wrong. Definitely wrong.
The pain, the memories, and my love for you.
All still remains; all still fresh.
I said “Goodbye” for the 21st time,
And I said “I still love you” for the 22nd time.


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