Welcome to reality

If only I could hold cameras instead of syringes; read a script instead of a doctor’s order sheet; see my name in the credits instead of seeing it in a patient’s assignment sheet; narrate beautiful stories instead of narrating incident reports. If only I could do what I love instead of what I am required to. If only dreams could be more realistic than this bitter reality. Maybe my small world will be less dark; less dramatic; less regretful. If only.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to reality

  1. 12(or more) years ago I dreamed of becoming a chef. But that time we have limited resources. The only way for me to go to college is thru my aunt who would fund for my schooling. With one condition, I have to take up nursing. There were a lot of tears shed. I felt like my dreams was robbed from me. It was really, really heartbreaking. I just thought that it was the end of everything for me. I graduated & passed the NLE. Since I don’t like to work as a nurse. I tried a lot of jobs until I ended up working in a call center. Working in call center had helped to save money. From the money I saved I was able to finally enroll myself to a Culinary School, last January & I had my OJT last April. It was fun & exciting and I know great things are yet to come. I really did not expect this to happen in my life but I chose to make it happen. Dreams do come true, Aries! πŸ™‚ Of course this would not happen without God’s grace. πŸ™‚

    Let me end my novel with my own motto:

    “Never stop dreaming, keep believing and you claim it. “

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  2. It is never too late. You will never know the answer if you keep on asking “What if?”. You deserve to be happy. Everyone does. IT IS NOT TOO LATE.


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